Uh oh

I'm new to this blogging lark, so I've only just discovered the 'stats' section. From now on, this may well be referred to as my 'score'. It is a number (well, series of numbers) and I have a bit of a thing about making numbers bigger. Except in the case of things like lap times, in which case they must be made smaller. Compulsively. I had a martial arts instructor who told me "Every time you do something, try to do it better than you did it the last time". Kinda makes sense to me. Do something. Learn from it. Do it better next time. Evolve. Level up. Score more points.
The country stuff is interesting too. In first place, we obviously have the UK - not surprising really as this is where the majority of my friends are and many of them will just follow any link you happen to share on Facebook.
In second, the US - so many former colleagues out there.
In third, Norway - I'm putting this down to Animex, Teesside Uni and Noroff. I'm guessing these people are expecting more in the way of game design wisdom so I need to pull my socks up and get on with it.
Then a smattering from all over the place, including a couple from New Zealand, possibly rodents.
Anyhoo, further to this discovery, I can see the checking of stats forming part of my daily computer warm up routine. And, by 'daily' I mean 'as many times as possible'.


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