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Elite: Dangerous Part... er, let me check.. 6!

Prev In which Commander Bulk Paint finally gets his Anaconda then maybe gets a little too cocky, a little too quickly. Back In The Saddle It has been a fair old while since I talked about Elite: Dangerous  on here, it's true. That's not to say I haven't been playing. Well, it kinda is - I haven't played that much - but it has undergone a bit of a renaissance recently and I've been enjoying some teaming up with Mike. Looking At Rocks The first and most significant change is what they've done to Mining. Now I had a go at mining before with the old system and it was pretty standard fare - find asteroid, fire lasers at asteroid, scoop up bits that get chipped off, refine them, sell them. Job done. The new mining system is so much more in depth than that. It's a game in its own right. First, the finding of the asteroid has been made more interesting. Not amazingly more interesting but certainly more involved. The new scanner stuff - from the system 

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