Failure to launch

Friday, 17th January, 2014. Glyph Quest's status on iTunes Connect goes from "Waiting for review" to "Ready for sale". I am excited beyond words. We went through submission first time. It's our first game. Hell, it's the first game I've had any meaningful sort of hand in that's actually got released since Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. On DS.

I download it and, while that's going on, start the Tweet machine. Gotta remember the marketing, right?

Our loyal followers start re-tweeting and downloading and all of the things we would want them to do. For that, we thank them enormously.

But then the wheels come off.

It turns out the version that has hit the App Store is not the latest one. It's an old binary. Filled with old code. And old art assets.

Just how this has happened, I'm not entirely sure. It must have been something to do with that 4am XCode debacle. Suffice to say, it's a bit of a disaster.

Now the first impression is blown. The version that's up there is from a couple of weeks back. It doesn't have stuff like the tutorial. Hell, it probably doesn't have all the levels and monsters. May even crash if you get too far in to it*.

I'm hoping that this episode merely adds meat to the overall story and we'll be able to look back and recant this tale of woe with a wistful tear in our eyes. It was always going to be a learning experience, but it's beginning to stress me out now.

I've got a new version ready to go now - one that's even let me fix a couple of niggling issues I noted with the latest build too. Not sure if we have to go through the whole submission process again or, if the app is already up there, an update will get pushed through faster.

Okay, I say I've got a new version ready to go - now I'm having all of those XCode problems again. Given the outcome last time, I think I might wait for backup to arrive tomorrow, just to be on the safe side.

In the meantime, I shall pull the current version from the store**. I am Sad Banshee.
Sad Banshee is sad
*Kinda calls Apple's whole review thing in to question a bit, huh?
**This means that if you were betting on Sproglet arriving first, you're still in with a shout.


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