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Comfort Zone

In which I lament the fact that all of the things I appear to be doing these days make me supremely uncomfortable.

Tunnel At The End Of The Tunnel
This last week has been... troublesome. Testing. Tiring. Torture, even.

Glyph Quest Chronicles is done. We're at the stage of the project where we're just putting the finishing touches to it. Not even the game itself - more the extraneous stuff around the outside of the game. The storefronts and the like. The last 10%* The list of Things We Need To Do to launch the game is tiny. Really small. It's like a list for ants.

The problem is that the things on the list were mostly Things I Didn't Know How To Do. The vast majority of them involve the Android version. Now, I've never done an Android version of anything before in my life so this was always going to be an eye opener. Leanne keeps reminding me that I didn't know how to do Apple things before Glyph Quest and I'm sure we all remember how well that worked out...

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