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Dungeon Generator Part 1

In which I start tinkering with an idea for a dungeon crawler game.

I like procedural things. I find their existence fascinating. I mean, I don't think that 'procedural' should ever be used as a bullet point or as part of your USP as it's a content production tool - it would be like saying "Features 3D models produced in Maya" or "Textures made with Photoshop" - but they're fun to learn about and even more interesting to create.

Lose Yourself
Creating an interesting dungeon is a simple enough idea. You should probably have Rooms and Corridors then fill them with Stuff. Many people do this and I shall be no different. Well, I shall be a little different in that this one isn't going to use blocks. A cursory Google search for 'procedural dungeon generation' comes back with a whole bunch of hits, almost all of which are designed to be used with a tile-based map.

I don't want to do that.

I got the idea in my head that modern dungeon c…

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