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Heroes of the Storm

With the recent news that Blizzard (or Activision, depending on who you want to blame) has canceled the HGC for 2019 and scaled back the development team, I thought it'd be the right sort of time to talk about Heroes of the Storm.

First, a spot of background. I was introduced to League of Legends when I was back at Black Rock*. It came up as part of our research into what this whole Free To Play thing was and formed the basis of one of our projects there. To this end, I played it. A lot. In fact, even after Black Rock when belly up, I continued to play it to an almost unhealthy degree. This, despite the fact that I'd only actually 'enjoy' maybe one match in three.

Then, about 3 or so years ago, I got into the beta of Blizzard's entry into the MOBA genre. I even managed to persuade Leanne to give it a go as this was something we could play together and, seeing as how we were trying to get our own MOBA off the ground, there was a language that needed to be learned.

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