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Best Games By Year

In which I lose myself down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and attempt to list my favourite games from each year that I've been alive.

I saw a thing on Twitter. I thought 'Neat! Maybe I should do that?'

This is never a good start to things...

As I understand it, you have to pick your single favourite game from each year you've been on this planet so far. I guess originally, it was supposed to be video game-based but, since the 70's were pretty sparse in that area, I had to include board games. Or leave blank spots.

It all started fairly easily. There were only a handful of games each year, so picking the best one became a case of 'which one did you actually play?' more than anything else. Boggle, for example - haven't played it that much but I didn't play anything else that was released in 1972, so there you go.

But then it started getting trickier. By the time home consoles and 8-bit machines come into the picture, you've got a combination of board ga…

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