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In which I talk about, well, spreadsheets and their place in a designer's arsenal.

I was recently in a job interview for a senior game design position where I was asked one of the strangest questions:

"Have you had any experience balancing games?"

Okay, maybe that's not so unreasonable as there are a lot of different strands to 'game design' these days. But he then followed up with:

"I only ask because it doesn't say you know how to use Excel on your CV..."

No, it doesn't. It also doesn't mention that I can touch type at about 80 WPM or that I know how to use Photoshop, Word, and Outlook. But either way, I was taken aback. I've done tons of balancing. I always have. Everything from determining the initial values to tweaking them based on feedback and data.

So I thought I'd put text to screen and show some recent examples of my process.

Glyph Quest Chronicles For Chronicles, we'd adopted an entirely procedural process for the …

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