Getting ready for a jam

This weekend is the Global Game Jam - thousands of game developers, both wannabe and professional, descending on a variety of locations around the world in order to voluntarily throw themselves into Crunch. 2 days to produce a game on an as-yet-unknown theme.

This afternoon, I shall be heading to Bristol where I have registered myself for ExPlay, which is hosting the South-East's version of the GGJ. I shall be taking young Parker with me and meeting Leanne there where we shall form a Team o' Awesome and kick some game development arse!

Leastways, that's Plan A.

Curiously enough, I've never done one of these things before. Weird huh? Granted, in my particular line of work, it's the sort of thing I do every day, but this one may well have some kind of scoring mechanic attached to it. Also, seeing as how I'm supposed to be a professional and all, I feel an added pressure to deliver.

That said, I think it's going to be incredibly refreshing - being able to make a game and not have to worry about things like how it's going to monetise...

Anyhoo - expect a full report presently.


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